Raman Vig

Raman Vig is a New Delhi based architect, building biologist and aayadi vaastukar specializing in designing ‘Architecture for Well Being’.A graduate from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.  In April 2019 his research culminated in creation of ‘Bioenergetic Architecture’: a unique domain of space design that integrates the knowledge of ‘subtle energies of space and human bio-fields’ as a ‘layer of architectural design’ with the objective to facilitate ‘Health, Happiness and Harmony’ in the lives of people.He offers through this book, his signature: ‘9 Precepts of Bioenergetic Architecture’; a design and lifestyle framework that systematically brings together the design principles of ancient vedic science of ‘aayadi vaastu’ and dictates of Building Biology and related subtle energy sciences in a unified manner. He designs buildings based on 9 precepts of Bioenergetic Architecture as well as mentors design teams in creating Architecture for Holistic Well being through collaborative projects, talks and workshops. He continues to research on this evolving discipline, teach architecture; mentor design studios as advisor, and writes about domains related to ‘Architecture of Wellbeing’ on his website.