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Why SMaRT?

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SMaRT i.e Samachar Manyata Association for Research and Training (SMaRT) is a non-profit organisation formed out of sheer compassion and determination for the benefit of our country. SMaRT is a confederation of nationalistic media organisations in order to promote and advocate for events that deserves national importance. We have 200+ media as our members with cumulative Web-traffic and social media reach of over 100 million +


A voluntarily coalition of nationalistic media organisations to act as a force multiplier and espouse common agenda of national importance.


Disseminate Indic Knowledge and Virtues through our Global Media Collective platform to foster its Civilization Values which includes Satvik Lifestyle, Inclusiveness, World is One Family, All Life Matters and Respect for Ecology.


To aid intellectually, legally and materially; the nationalistic media and Knowledge Providers.


Advisory and Research.