Deepak M .R

Deepak M R is a professional writer and trainer. He has a rich work experience of over 25 years in various fields that include training, education, and consulting. Deepak presently works as a professional writer who writes on topics like healthcare, business, finance, lifestyle, and travel. Apart from authoring stories, he hosts and participates in online discussions on topics related to the Mahabharata.He is a contributing author of “Unsung Valour” (Bloomsbury, 2020), an anthology of tales featuring battles from the Kurukshetra War. His debut novel “Abhimanyu: Tale of a Warrior Prince” was published by Bloomsbury in September 2021. Subsequently, he released a Kindle book titled “Mahabharata Tales-1: Justice for Draupadi and other stories” in October 2021. The book was published in paperback by Subbu Publications. He has since then authored a Kindle book titled ‘The Life & Music of Lata Mangeshkar’. He is also a contributing author of the anthology ‘Aryaa’.He is presently working on a Kindle book series on the Kurukshetra. A book with stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata is in the publishing process.