Neera Misra

Neera Misra calls herself Student Emeritus of Ancient Civilization, Culture and Itihasa. Starting her career as a SIDBI selected, DST trained Entrepreneur in 1995 at FICCI in1995,  becaming a Governing Body Member in 1997 & Consultant in 2001, at FICCI ladies wing, by virtue of her exemplary success as Entrepreneur (MD of her firm Make A Difference Mktg Assoc. Pvt Ltd). She is the Founder – Chairperson of Draupadi Dream Trust, established in 2003 to (a) create a better understanding and appreciation of ancient heritage legacies and (Knowledge & Skill empowerment of women/ youth).

An Independent Research enthusiast, since 2000, she has focused on ancient civilization, Itihasa (history) and cultural heritage, especially the documentation and restoration of the significant ‘geo-spatial landmarks’ of Vedic, Ramayana and Mahabharata period history and culture. Her firm belief is that intangible knowledge and culture needs fueling with tangible development of ancient landmarks of history.

She has authored /published over 8 books, many articles, given Talks on these subjects, the latest publications being Connecting With The Mahabharata, released by Manniye Mohan Bhagwat Sept (2022) and GANGA: The River of Sanatan Civilization, which was released (May 2022) by Shri Ajit K. Doval, NSA, GOI. She is a Post Graduate with multidisciplinary qualifications in Literature, Politics, LFM, EDP PGDBA etc., and actively documenting her works.

Her avid interest in, and links with ancient Vedic Kingdom Kampilya (District Farrukhabad, UP) attracted her to delve into the past. Having deep, centuries old, links to Vedic city Kampilya, an ASI Nationally Protected Site, that was later famous as the capital of Panchala, the place of birth and Swayamvar of Devi Draupadi, the sacred event that gives Uttar Pradesh it State Symbol.

Krishna Kripa led to generous patronage of eminent archaeologist Padma Vibhushan Prof B.B. Lal, Smt Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, Shri Ajit K Doval (significant Int’l Conferences were held at VIF from 2010 onwards), and countless scholars across the world. Her first study on Development Opportunities in Cultural Tourism was in 2005-06, and her journey to past took roots. Since then she has convened eight international and many national conferences and positioned exhibitions on Mahabharata Heritage, Panchala, Indraprastha and Ganga: Maa Tujhe Pranam.

Celebrating the 20th year of her Non Profit, Draupadi Dream Trust, yearlong programs are planned under title || Sri Sri Draupadi Mahotsav||, with components of Indraprastha Talks, Aadi Parv, Vedic Gyan Vigyan, Sangeet /Kavya Sandhya and her penned Dance Drama ‘Dukh Devi Draupadi Ka’. (The appreciation of the Trust’s work has led to the Draupadi play being shown by Army in different cantonments to seniors and Jawans).