Shivakumar GV

Shivakumar GV is an IT professional in the domain of Learning and Development, with a deep interest in Bharateeya Samskriti. He is proud to be part of the Indica fraternity contributing to various transformational initiatives. He is the Curator of “Aryaa – An Anthology of Vedic Women” – a collection of 10 stories on 10 Vedic Women written by 10 different authors published by Indic Academy. He hopes to inspire a relook at old narratives & create new cultural conversations around how the glorious women of Bharatavarsha are portrayed in the Modern World.

As a Scholar-in-Residence at Indica, he studies Itihasa-Puranas to create frameworks for application in contemporary times. He writes on Mahabharata, Puranas, Civilizational thought and anchors Kannada content at IndicA Today, where he contributes as a Consulting Editor. He is also one of the authors of ‘’Unsung Valour: Forgotten Wars of Kurukshetra’’ – curated by Sai Swaroopa Iyer for Indica.

Mahabharata, Rigveda, Bharatiya Itihasa-Purana and Civilizational Conflicts are his areas of interest. He is a storyteller imagining narratives that appeal to audiences of diverse spectrums. He has delivered courses on Mahabharata for children, teenagers and aspiring leaders. He is now busy reflecting Indic Ontology on the plane of Modernity and constructing a version which can spawn Indic Frameworks for various disciplines in the Modern World. He is fascinated by the perspective of Purushartha and Srishti-Sthiti-Laya on which he is writing several papers.