Bharath Gyan

Bio of Bharath Gyan
Bharath Gyan is a forerunner initiative on Indian Civilization Knowledge Studies conceptualized by Dr.D.K.Hari and Dr.D.K.Hema Hari 25 years ago, with a mission to raise awareness among the common people about the knowledge, practices and global connects of the Indian Civilization over millennia, from an Indic Perspective.The knowledge of the Indian civilization, scattered in various forms – from books and manuscripts to oral tradition and art are collated and presented from a relevant, wholistic perspective to the current generation which is disconnected from this civilizational knowledge owing to challenges of language and paradigm of thinking and expression.It is to create an Indic narrative which showcases India as a Scientific civilization besides being known for its Spiritual aspects and how their twinning had sustained flourish for millennia. OK. Bharathgyan authored over 100 books under Autobiography of India, series and also made over 500 ShortFilms on Indian Civilization and over 500 articles. Bharathgyan also faculty on Indian Civilization Studies to Universities in India & USA.