Dharmawiki, is a unified knowledge resource platform to present traditional viewpoints of Sanatana Dharma available in the rich and diverse research heritage of Bharatavarsha. Dedicated to promote holistic approaches of Dharmika Jivana Vidhana, it is an endeavor to build narratives, learn, contribute, discuss and reflect on the innumerable angles of Bharatiya Samskrtika Parampara, to leave behind a legacy for the generations to come. Dharmawiki.org is conceived as a Jnana Yajna – a platform for the exchange and preservation of bharatiya jnana parampara amongst scholars, researchers, students and the inquisitive readers. With this aim, we are always looking forward to connecting with academicians, researchers, avid readers, writers and all those who would be willing to contribute towards this great cause of documenting the indigenous knowledge of Bharata by writing articles or sharing their published research as articles on Dharmawiki.org that makes authentic information accessible to the inquisitive masses.