JaiRaj Sharma

JaiRaj Sharma is a young Author, Researcher, and Social Media influencer. His first book “Playing with Mathematical Operations” (Inspired by Vedic Mathematics), is a beautiful insight into arithmetic from the perspective of Vedic Mathematics. Being a Science enthusiast (or what he likes to call himself ‘Sanatan Science Enthusiast’), curiosity is what drives JaiRaj to learn more and unveil the secrets of the scientific world, and this is where his research part shines; he is currently working on a hypothesis of his own and a book that will unveil the very scientific world of ancient Bharat (India). JaiRaj also founded Ved Science & Maths with a mission to create a platform for initiating discussions about the Vigyan (Science) in ancient Bharat (India), where he writes and creates videos intending to introduce every Bhartiya (Indian) to their great ancient scholars and the glorious scientific world of Ancient Bharat (India), which is often not taught in our academic institutions.