Manoj Singh

Manoj Singh is a student of science, a graduate in engineering, a technocrat by profession and has a deep interest in Vaidik literature. His book, ‘Main Aryaputra Hoon’, is a seminal work based on the findings from the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas, negating the Aryan invasion theory. ‘Sanatan Dharma: Vaidik Gateway to the Next Century’ attempts to offer a solution to all our problems. Hinduism is a way of life-with nature, in nature, by nature. Human civilization is passing through one of the most difficult times in the history of mankind. The world is in stress. The situation worsens by the dayवैदिक सनातन हिंदुत्व ” Reveals the Sanatan life philosophy , Presents the solution to the problems ailing the world and mankind, Offers a deep insight into the Vaidik cultural evolution, Presents an alternative approach for bettering modern human life 
An ardent believer of the healing power of nature, he has also authored ‘Swarg-Yatra’, chronicling his journey from Kashmir to Ladakh. Singh has published three novels- ‘Kashmkash‘ is the story of three generations and ‘Hostel Ke Panno Se’ is the life of youth . His novel ‘Bandhan’, based on schizophrenia, has been translated into Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil and English. His collection of articles resulted in two books, ‘Vyaktitva Ka Prabhav’ and ‘Chinta Nahi Chintan’.