Surya Sarathi Roy

Surya Roy is a Indian Heritage Conservationist, Heritage researcher & explorer, an Independent Indic History researcher whose research spans across the History & Culture of Braj Mandal, Kurukshetra, Odisha & Shri Jagannath Culture, Mewar & Maratha history. He is a keen student of Archaeology & focuses on the enlistment of Heritage sites & preservation of ancient manuscripts. A Life Member & Researcher with INTACH New Delhi HQ, he is also an Associate Member of ICOMOS, an UNESCO body for the preservation & conservation of Archaeological sites globally. He is also the Director for North India Operations of IHAR (Indian History awareness & research) a Houston, based NGO which engages in research, preservation & practising of Indian Heritage, Indian Knowledge Systems(IKS) & also provides scholarship to bright Indian students engaged in the field of Indian Heritage & History Research. He has very recently been appointed by ICOMOS as a Desk Reviewer in the Panel for UNESCO World Heritage Sites for 2024.

By profession he is a Supply Chain & Logistics professional who has been into SC/Logistics Operations for the past 22 years now. Surya Roy is based out of Delhi & has graduated in SC/Logistics from Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management, Kolkata & Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore apart from holding a master’s degree in commerce from Calcutta University. A Sri Krishna devotee & an avid researcher on Sri Jagannath Culture for the past One decade gives Surya a close touch to the atman of Bharat.